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5 reasons to eat more fruit (Nutrition Action)

We take fruit for granted. Ads entice us to pick up some soda, chips, or other junk (or pseudo-health) food. When was the last time you saw a commercial for watermelon? Here are five reasons to reach for a peach…or a plum, pear, pineapple, persimmon, pomegranate, papaya…

1. It’s nutrient rich.Fruit

Fruit is famous for its vitamin C, but you can also expect a decent dose of carotenoids (watermelon), folate (mango), potassium (bananas), and ­fiber (raspberries), for example. Some even supply some vitamin K (kiwi), calcium (kumquats), iron (dried peaches), or magnesium (blackberries), to name a few.

2. It isn’t calorie dense.

Most fruit is fairly low in calories per bite. That’s because it’s typically about 85 percent water. (Exception: raisins and other dried fruits have less water…and more calories.)

And it’s not just fewer calories per bite that makes fruit ­fill you up (but not out). The intact structure of plant cells also seems to matter. People feel more full after eating an apple than after eating applesauce or drinking apple juice, even if the apple juice has enough added fiber to match the ­fiber in the apple.1

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