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Alzheimer’s advances on the horizon, SD Union Tribune

The human brain is most complex object in the known universe. And what causes this seat of consciousness to slowly and irreversibly deteriorate from Alzheimer’s disease is one of medical science’s greatest mysteries.

We still don’t know how to stop Alzheimer’s or reverse the neurodegeneration it causes, although some promising experimental treatments now being tested in people. Other potential therapies are just now emerging from research.

But we’ve also made great progress learning about Alzheimer’s, what it is, how to diagnose it, and even how to lower the odds of contracting it. And these tools to build up brain power are available to nearly everyone.

In short, as the mystery is lifting, so is the sense of helplessness. And much of this work is taking place in San Diego, a center of Alzheimer’s research for decades.

This in-depth story gives advice from experts on how people can reduce their own risk of Alzheimer’s. In addition, it reports on progress with drugs to stop or treat it, new means of diagnosis, along with recent discoveries and different ways of thinking about the disease.

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