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An Amazing Journey to the Top of the World, COPD Foundation Blog

Medical Research Charities is proud to have the COPD Foundation as one of our 24 superstar member charities dedicated to researching cures for life’s most dreaded diseases. We are also proud of one young man who is climbing K2 to raise money for COPD research in honor of his grandmother who is living with the disease. According to Chase Hinckley, COPD is “like climbing K2 every day.” Check out his story below: 


It is June 2016 and Chase Hinckley is making his way towards the world’s second highest mountain, K2. A foreboding mountain on the China-Pakistan border, K2 sits at an elevation of 28,251 ft. It’s a uniquely challenging mountain that has only seen 306 people summit its peak and never during the winter.

K2 sits about 800 feet below Mt. Everest but unlike it, features very little flat terrain. K2 is a very difficult and technical climb; the mountain is a cone of ice and limestone with 45-degree angles. It is considered a harder climb than Everest because it is a steep mountain with unpredictable weather.

To put it simply, K2 is the ultimate challenge. For Chase Hinckley, climbing K2 is not only a challenge of his own personal limits, but an opportunity to raise funds for COPD.

Why is Chase Hinckley climbing K2 for COPD? For Chase, COPD hits close to home. His grandmother has been living with COPD for years and he’s been touched by her struggle.

Click here to read the full post by Janina Kowalski, Associate Director of Development at the COPD Foundation.