Vision of Children

Vision of Children

Since its inception in 1991, The Vision of Children Foundation has focused on curing hereditary childhood blindness and vision disorders and improving the quality of life of visually impaired children and their families.

Each year, thousands of children are born with genetic vision disorders, including blindness, that have a devastating impact on their quality of life and ability to function “normally” in society. Like other people suffering from rare diseases, these children face each day with a lack of treatment and lack of hope because researchers focused on genetic vision disorders are few and far between. Instead, most research and the health community are focused on decreasing the incidence of preventable blindness.

Vision of Children works to eradicate genetic vision disorders by encouraging scientists to take an interest in these conditions.  The Foundation funds projects around the world that hold the greatest promise for identifying treatment and cures for diseases, such as ocular albinism, oculocutaneous albinism, blue cone monochromacy and others.

In addition to medical research, the Foundation seeks to alleviate the frustration felt by families dealing with “incurable” vision disorders. Its outreach and education programs include a Family Support Network that serves as a source of information and support for individuals worldwide. Additionally, the Foundation publishes a bi-annual newsletter and maintains a website with updates on current vision research. Through another initiative called Project Vision Aid, it provides handheld video magnifiers to assist low-vision students in schools across the United States.




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