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Featured Charity: Leukemia Research Foundation

Medical Research Charities is excited to have The Leukemia Research Foundation as our “Featured Charity” and guest blogger this week in honor of September being Blood Cancer Awareness month. 

The Leukemia Research Foundation is dedicated to conquering all blood cancers by funding research into their causes and cures, and enriching the quality of life of those touched by these diseases

For every researcher we fund – and you help support – we will advance a career in blood cancer research. These one year grants are $100,000 each, an impressive amount that allows innovative scientists to act on their ideas, and try new procedures and experiments that may lead to significant breakthroughs. The Leukemia Research Foundation strives to fund as many research projects as possible based on its fundraising success for the year.

In addition to funding medical research, the Leukemia Research Foundation provides a need-based, patient financial assistance to patients and families who are having difficulty with their medical expenses. The financial costs associated with blood cancer treatment are overwhelming. Even having health insurance doesn’t guarantee a person will be able to afford treatment. With your support, the Leukemia Research Foundation provides help with managing the cost of medicines and treatment.

Complimentary patient support programs including a Town Hall Meeting, Town Hall Meeting in Spanish, and a Treatment Options Conference are offered each year helping hundreds of patients, families, and caregivers with important information from expert medical professionals

Globally, more than 1 million people will be diagnosed with blood cancers this year; another 600,000 will die from complications brought on by the diagnosis. Leukemia, for example, is the most common form of cancer among children in most parts of the world.

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