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May is Brain Tumor Action Month – National Brain Tumor Society

Medical Research Charities is proud to have the National Brain Tumor Society as one of our 24 superstar member charities dedicated to researching cures for life’s most dreaded diseases. This month is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, and we’re excited to have them as a guest on our blog to feature their incredible work!


In three days, Brain Tumor Awareness Month 2016 kicks off in the United States. But this time around, our neighbors to the North are joining with us and moving their annual month of awareness to May as well. It’s been wonderful to see our community cross international lines and unify to be the voice for new brain tumor research, advocacy and patient education.

Randall-Garnick-Photography_NBTS-Summit-2015_152If you’re reading this, you’re likely not a stranger to the type of messaging we put up here. We’re optimistic, with lofty goals, and sometimes we use technical terms that overshadow the simplicity of the goal we share with you: taking action to find a cure.


For Brain Tumor Awareness Month 2016, we’re taking action. 

Randall-Garnick-Photography_NBTS-Summit-2015_114We’re funding research. We’re bringing thought leaders together to decide how to best move forward. And we want you to know about it.

More importantly to us, we know the powerless feeling of watching a loved one go through this.

What can WE do?

This year, National Brain Tumor Society is calling May, “Brain Tumor ACTION Month.” We’re looking to provide you tools to participate in the march toward new treatments and a cure.

Join us this month as we:

  • Walk, Ride and Race to raise money for new research
  • Randall-Garnick-Photography_NBTS-Summit-2015_104Give voice to the needs of the brain tumor community to Congress and all our elected officials
  • Participate in discussions where we share resources for patient education
  • Recruit people to the cause and share our own stories to provide insight and support


Read our full plan here.

We’re honored by your support. Let’s take action together and make this a milestone year for our cause.

With respect and love,

Steven LaFond

Digital Communications Manager, National Brain Tumor Society