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TSRI gets $27 million for HIV center (SD Union Tribune)

Huge congrats to our partners at The Scripps Research Institute!

An HIV research center at The Scripps Research Institute has been awarded a federal grant worth nearly $27 million to continue studying the AIDS-causing virus.

The HIV Interactions in Viral Evolution, or HIVE, got the five-year award from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, part of the National Institutes of Health. It enables HIVE to continue studying HIV’s function at the atomic level.

HIVE’s is one of five centers funded by the institute to discover how HIV functions in immune cells, and uses features of these cells to evolve, adapt and mutate to escape treatment.

The virus is noted for several features that make it especially difficult to defeat. It’s a retrovirus, inserting its genetic code into the DNA of the cells it infects. It also uses human molecules to shield itself from detection by the immune system. It mutates prodigiously, and infects the very immune cells needed to defend against infection.

The center is directed by Stephan Sarafianos of the University of Missouri and Bruce Torbett of TRSI.




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