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Why is a Fractured Hip so Dangerous for Seniors?

Our friends at have created a guide on osteoporosis and its effects on hips – the statistics, the consequences, and the solutions. Check it out below!

“A broken hip in elderly people is both common and painful. Because of weakening bones and the onset of medical issues such as osteoporosis or other ailments that limit mobility, seniors can become especially susceptible to breaking a hip as they age.

Learning about preventative measures can help to keep bones strong and decrease the risk of falling and becoming injured. Understanding treatment options and what to expect as a result of sustaining a hip fracture can also be helpful in minimizing pain and making a recovery as efficient as possible.


The probability of hip fractures tends to rise in conjunction with age. A broken hip in the elderly becomes more likely for a few different reasons. One of the reasons is that the elderly are more likely to fall as they age because their bones aren’t quite as sturdy, they lose their balance more easily, and can lack the reflexes to recover if their momentum stars to carry them down.

A bone disease such as osteoporosis also increases the probability of a hip fracture. Bone diseases make the bones brittle and more likely to break upon impact.”

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